Musing about test driven development

February 3, 2009

Over the last couple of weeks I have been writing the second report about my final year project. This is supposed to be about the design and spec of the system, however I have decided to do things differently.

Test driven development is one those topics I have thought ‘ooh that sounds good’, but have yet to have a big enough project to test it out on to see whether it will work. I first got into the whole unit testing thing when I was doing my work placement last year, but since then I haven’t really done much about it.

For my project rather than taking the traditional waterfall approach, I have decided to take an agile approach. It is a mixture of Agile Model Driven Development (AMDD), a bit of Extreme Programming, as well as a bit of random stuff thrown in!

I think it is promising, but as I have yet to start coding it could all go horribly wrong! I shall let you know on the progress!

Update This did have an image, but it has dissapeared!