Testers Required

July 27, 2011

Over the past few weeks I have been working on an app which lets you send and receive SMS messages on your phone using your PC. I first started working on it over a ago but like most projects something more interesting came along (Tweeted Links I think :-p). After seeing a few other apps trying to solve this problem, and although having half-assed implemenatations getting quite a bit of traction, motivation set in and I decided to get back on this.

The original interface I had was Javascript based and ran in the browser. I quite liked this implementation as after you have downloaded an app to your phone, you don’t want to then have to download an app to your PC – and let’s not forget all the issues that come along with developing and maintaining a desktop app… The original version just used JQuery and some horrendous Javascript. I have now moved to using BackboneJS and CoffeeScript which I love working with. I’m using a custom version of Middleman and a watchfile (based on work by @pusewicz) to build everything automagically which works a treat. I’ll put up a post about this later on as it really simplifies development. The interface has gone under a major Lion-esque overhaul as well – if you follow me on Twitter you will have probably seen the screenshots.

Anyway, on to the purpose of this post… I am just finishing up and over the weekend want to get it out to some real people to test. This is the first alpha release so I am expecting testers to give me feedback on their experiences. Requirements other than this are simple… you just need a phone running Android 2.1+. Interested? Leave a comment and I’ll be in contact!