Logos Quiz is genius

April 23, 2012

Over the past few weeks all the app buzz has been about Draw Something and Instagram. Admitiedely good apps, but they’ve had their 15 minutes of fame. I’ve noticed over the past few days on Facebook a lot of posts about an app called Logos Quiz. I usually ignore most game posts on Facebook, and did the same with this, oh how I was wrong… I noticed this today:

#1 Baby

Yes that is right, it is #1 in the UK App Store, ahead of Draw Something (#6). It has 4482 ratings, nearly as many as the paid version of Draw Something (4735), and about half that of the free version of Draw Something (9727). Considering the app was only released a week ago this is pretty amazing.


The app itself is pretty simple, you are shown a logo of a brand and have to say what it is. There are a number of logos in each level, and you need to complete them all before you can progress on to the next. If you can’t guess the logo you can use one of your hints which you earn as you progress. You can also buy them as an in app purchase (69p for 120).

The genius of it though is the social interaction. Games such as Farmville let you post to Facebook to ask your friends for help, but require your friends to add the game before they can help you. This has a much lower barrier to entry, if you need help you can post the logo to your wall (or Twitter), and your friends just have to comment on the post to help you. Nothing to install, no need to worry about stealing your data, hence no reason not to help.


In my opinion the price of the in app purchases seems a bit low, I would probably do 10 hints for 69p. I’m also not too sure whether this falls under fair use for the logos, and I can see companies not being happy about the apparent association with the developer (although I expect that psychologically it can be argued that it is good that players are remembering the logos). I look forward to seeing what @AticoD comes up with next.

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