One Game A Month

December 25, 2012

First of all Merry Christmas to everyone! It is 20:30 on Christmas Day, and I am most utterly stuffed with turkey and stuffing. The year is pretty much over, so it is time to look forward to 2013. I’ll should sum up what happened in 2012 as well, as a lot changed for me. I’ll leave that for a seperate post though.

For the last few months I have been pretty much slacking on my personal projects. I haven’t really spend a good weekend in Starbucks working on anything for a good few months now, and in 2013 I want to change that. I think the issue is that it has been pretty hard to motivate myself, as I just keep jumping from project to project without actually finishing anything.

There is pretty much always something about this on Hacker News, however nothing so far has helped me change that. If anything I’ve got worse as a year ago I would typically spend my weekends hacking something together, where as now I usually spend them playing games.

I’ve been reading a lot recently about people working on smaller projects just to get something finished. This seems especially ripe in the game development community where game jams such as Ludum Dare are very common. Then I read about some guy building 12 games in 12 months, and I got extremely jealous. I saw his One Game A Month challenge and realised that is exactly what I needed!

So in 2013, each month, I am going to finish and release a game. They aren’t going to be anything fancy, but they are going to be finished enough to release. Not tech-demos but fully playable games. Watch this space for more! I’ve created a repository on GitHub where I am going to correlate my ideas: